Maintain Your Good Reputation

Bouncing Back from a Hit to Your Reputation

managing reputation No matter if you are a celebrity or a business, a hit to your reputation will be quite devastating for you. Many people will choose to go to an agency and try to let them do all the hard work to fix the disaster. Still there are those that will want to do the work themselves. While this is a daunting task, it is one that comes with some sort of rewards. If you are going to tackle this on your own, then you at least need to be armed with all the right tools and know what it is that you are doing.

The first thing that you need to do is to sit back and look at things with an introspective approach. We are so quick to say that a person is wrong or that the press that we received was not called for, but often times the truth is that we had it coming. After we have taken a good look at things we then can go on to the next step and see what it is that we need to do to get past the negative publicity that we have received. The next step will be to ask a series of questions that you need to answer and see if you have done enough to deflect the negative impact.

First look at the issue and see was it warranted. One example of this is did you as a celebrity say something that was outright in bad taste? If the answer to this was yes, then you are getting what should be expected. If on the other hand you said one thing in an interview and the words were twisted and taken out of context, then you are not being treated fairly. Now look at what is being said, what is the ratio of good comments as opposed to bad comments. It could be a simple matter that the good comments are outweighing the bad and thus you don’t have a full scale emergency on your hands, just a slight issue that needs to be addressed. If this is reversed, then you are in fact in crisis mode and need all the help you can get.

social media and reputation Now you need to go into attack mode, going back to the example of the statement made, if you were in the wrong, then you need to offer up an apology fast. Every minute that an apology is delayed is a bit of your popularity being chipped away. Own your mistake and admit that you were wrong. This is why many celebrities will just hire a firm to do all the dirty work as they have the expertise that is needed to make an apology sound like silk to the ears.

Now that the apology is out of the way, you need to put yourself back in the spotlight with a more positive of a light, the best way to do this is to do something that makes you look like you are a good person at the core. Charity work is often times a celebrity’s best weapon in helping to bounce back and get past the negative that they experienced. Next we will talk about getting the best PR firm for your money and time. This can be another lifesaver if you find yourself in a lot of trouble all the time.