The Commandments of Reputation Management

online reputation Believe it or not there are actual commandments that a good online reputation management expert will need and want to follow to make sure that his client is getting the best service for their money. If they fail to follow these commandments, then your reputation will in the end suffer a hard hit, these types of hits can hurt you in a bad way if not taken care of.

The first thing that you need is to be respected. No matter if you are a company that is just starting out, or a million dollar business, you need to have the public’s respect in order to get anywhere. The same is true if you are a celebrity as you need to have the trust of your fans and those that you are trying to get to warm up to you. Respect is something that has to be earned and not just expected to be given to you.

It is important that you are transparent to the public. Their opinion of you will make or break you if you don’t handle the transparency issues correctly. Look at some of the biggest names you hear on a regular basis, look at how transparent that they are to their public.

The agency that you hire will need to keep their ear to the ground and monitor what people are saying about you. This can be a tool that can give you a status check on where things stand with you and your image. If they are not doing this, then you have no idea where things in terms of perception stand.

The next thing that needs to be addressed with the agency is what will they do with the responses that they get concerning you and your brand. If the PR agency is worth anything, then they will generally respond in a rapid and polite manner to the PR that your brand will receive.

If there is any criticism towards you or your business, then this needs to be addressed in a manner that is both positive and encourages others to share their feelings. Especially if you are a business, you need to foster an environment that makes the public feel like they can come to you and express their feelings.

online reputation Being on Page one of Google can be a gift or it can be a curse. The reason it can be a curse is depending on why you are on page one. If it is for a bad review or a scandal that you are involved in, then you will generally not want that to be the first thing that people see. If it is in a positive light, then the higher up on the page you can get all the better. Your PR expert needs to be able to handle any bad results on Google without a seconds thought.

The last bit of advice that any good reputation management expert will need is to be able to learn from their mistakes. This is one of the biggest areas of concern for a person in the PR business. Many agencies have a hard time admitting when they are wrong. Keeping these in mind will help you to determine if you need to use a particular agency or not.